Saturday, October 22, 2011

Backstage at The Firmament

By Joseph Hesch

Come the Fall, the sky grows wider,
blacker, starrier as each night
the trees undress and become skinnier,
like movie starlets
trying to make a name for themselves
above some blockbuster's title.
I become smaller now, a bit less significant
against the ever more vast darkness.
If that net of stars should drop
upon the now-drowsy Earth,
I bet I could slip through it and
peek backstage at The Firmament,
catching angels and gods in dishabille,
like the maples and starlets,
their wings and auras hanging from hooks
fashioned from mortal prayers
for another good harvest
or more nights like this.

Image: EQUINOX, by Alison Jardine


  1. smiles. nice piece..a look behind the curtain might a fun little trip honestly...and may solve a war or two, you know...and a few nights like these might be nice as well...

  2. I love that net of stars on a cold, crispy night....'catching angels and gods' ...chills....another beautiful poem, Joe :) xo

  3. "...I become smaller now, a bit less significant
    against the ever more vast darkness."
    Perfect expression of how one feels against those long, dark winter nights.
    Really enjoyed the similes and comparisons you chose in this, too.
    "...their wings and auras hanging from hooks" made me smile!

  4. Oh this is lovely. I was just upstate and the nights and skinnier trees are exactly like this, and love the comparison to the heavens--seasons changing in the firmament.

  5. Gorgeous. I would like to slip through and peek at the firmament, too. I wish the approaching season made me feel skinnier :) It does make me feel less significant as the mysteries grow wider. This is so serene with far-reaching imagination. Love it.


  6. Fall has a way of making us see things in perspective. It is not my fav season, but I believe it has its place in the scheme of life. These lines resonate with me:

    "I become smaller now, a bit less significant
    against the ever more vast darkness. "

    Also, I just want to thank you for capturing my sentiments in my post. You always leave me with kind comments and I feel better for writing about it.

  7. love the depth to your experience... the comparison of the night getting bigger this time of the year and us more insignificant is so rich... I feel like that when visiting the mountains

  8. Auras hanging from hooks...mortal! These words created beautiful images for me. Lovely all around : )

    Nicely done. Look forward to more : )