Saturday, January 21, 2012


By Joseph Hesch

The Nun said
I'd said none
Of what she called
Good sense.
"Good sense?" said I,
"you wish me to spout
your sense, Nun.
Nun sense!"
"Perhaps you will speak
such sense anon,"
said Nun. Said I,
"Nun sense anon, nun?

A bit of nonsense poetry, of a figurative and literal, prompted by my friend Laurie Kolp.


  1. Very clever 'nunsensical' verse!

  2. hahaha fun play joe...i have know few nuns, but i got plenty of nun sunse

  3. Well, it's only semi nonsense, the rest could be deep, had I the depth of intellect to tell!

  4. Ha..ha...what fun...Maybe you can linked this up with Real Toads...

    Have a good weekend ~

  5. hehe... this is great nunanononse... uh, you know what I mean. thanks for taking part, Joe

  6. Tell the nun nonsense is fun
    It can even be fun for a nun.
    I know I certainly had fun
    But then again I'm not a nun.
    One of the best things about nonsense is the fact that it's contagious. Dr. Seuss said it's good for the brain, and I agree. It clears out all the fuss and bother in there.

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie’s Guide to Adventurous Travel

  7. Having gone through Catholic elementary school, appreciate the play on words! Very clever, love it!!

  8. at constructing words the father of Jesus is hardly a novice!