Saturday, February 4, 2012


By Joseph Hesch

There are days when I emerge
from this thicket of self-doubt,
scratched and bleeding from
my mad-eyed crashing about,
searching not for you, but for
the me our story has written I am.
It's a dark hollow into which,
limping, mahogany-eyed and
lashed by the old demons behind me,
I think I see my fate carved into
the walls of this mile-long grave of 
my better judgment and best intentions.
But then I see your smiling face,
like dawn above me,
the lips that mend this broken soul.
And I feel it coming back,
that everyday love
of towering dimension, perhaps
a mountain too high
for this small man to climb.
But you, my spirit guide, turn to me
capturing an image in your polished lapis eyes,
mirrors with which you see me.
"Isn't he grand?" you say.
And I climb.


  1. Isn't he grand? :) Climb higher, Joe. Love this.

  2. think I see my fate carved into
    the walls of this mile-long grave of
    my better judgment and best intentions

    whew nice the end of this though and a belief in us even when we dont have it ourselves...

  3. Beautiful, Joe...just lovely. Yeah.."Isn't he grand?" ..I say it every day :) xoxo