Thursday, February 24, 2011

Into and Out of the Darkness

"The New Path"
By Joseph Hesch

My recognition of the shortness of life
my absence from what life could have been
prodded me on this new path

Before that
I kept it hidden
with real and imagined memories
in a niche
on the dark side of my heart

A little votive in there
helped me find it
when I turned the corner of
my stiffened left ventricle

In our inaugural post, we explained the how and why of setting off on this second-chance journey to a literary life. But we never attempted to write that story in verse…until today.  Sometimes, in order to find the light in our lives, we need to go through the dark.  I can see the light now.


  1. I love this because you didn't hold back. You were completely raw, honest, talking with your heart. Keep at it. That's poetry.

  2. joe - i so enjoy having you around and being able to read your work on your blog now - thanks for sharing your journey with us