Friday, February 18, 2011

What's on the Horizon

"Storm Developing"
By Joseph Hesch
If you look at those old black and white photos,
maybe something by Adams or Weston,
what appeared as dark grey
actually may have been red.
And so this morning, when I awoke,
time rolled backward to those days
as the weather rolled ahead.
Some unseen printmaker soon developed
the eastern sunrise
from a sparkling glow shaded rose
to a slate curtain of stormy dread.

You'll soon find that I have an unhealthy interest in the weather.  I say unhealthy because it's both making me crazy and -- living year-round in the Northeast US -- slowly killing me. But, as a poet, Nature is one of the prime movers of my creativity.  Along with sleep, age, love (both real and imagined), and writing itself.  So batten down the hatches and prepare for more literal and figurative stormy weather in the coming weeks.


  1. yeah - weather for sure is an inspiration - you should've taken a photo to add..loved the backward and ahead contrast..

  2. I love that you find your inspiration from your surroundings. A healthy way to write! The seasons are very inspirational and always bring many levels of emotions. Lovely write! ♥

  3. I actually like the fact that there is no photos. It allows me to create my own images as i read it. Good work!
    Maria Papadopoulou:
    Author of poetry book: From Hell With Love:

  4. I love black and white photography, I find that when I'm looking at them I can project my own hues onto the photos which brings them alove in my minds eye. The sky in old black and whites always seems tumultous when cloudy, don't you agree? Loved the poem :)