Sunday, April 3, 2011

Fading Memory

By Joseph Hesch

The best I can say is
your memory has begun fading
from my mind, but
not yet from my dreams.
Certain, I am,
what little you recall
of Us
already is lost to you.
Too late, I learned
how little of your true self
you gave, acting more as
a wished-for mirror,
an inarticulate echo,
an adorable, unpettable pet,
for this lonely soul
merely searching for a friend.


  1. mmm...our motives in many times polute the relationship...this left me a bit familiarity...

  2. You express a lesson that is most painful to learn. Great descriptions at the end that truly paints a picture of a poor friend. Excellent contribution to One Shoot Sunday.

  3. Friendship is a jewel beyond price...

  4. You words made me feel not only the pang of the loss, but the emptiness at having to admit it was never a true friendship at all.

  5. Just goes to show real friends don't hurt one another Joe. There was a poignant sense of loss here that was tangible to the reader, for that alone bravo Sir.

  6. Very sad, but at least the memory is fading.

  7. You really do have a way with words. You convey such feeling with the simplist of statements...without having to rely on a dictionary to decipher. Yes, there is sadness to be found here, but I think, there is also growth and strength, almost as though you're adding another notch to a long list of disappointments, just when you were starting to believe this one may have been real. Occassionally I have stumbled upon something real, only to realize just how rare it is in this strange and cynical world. Really loved this one Joe. Write on!

  8. Profound in beautiful verse.