Sunday, April 24, 2011

Her Power

By Joseph Hesch

She loved this time,
the first instance each show
when she broke from behind the curtains
and into the lights.
She can feel her power
to draw the attention of men
as well as women
to her beautiful face,
her seductive body,
her magnetic being.
She reveled in the fact
that every man out there wanted her
and every woman
sitting with that man
secretly wanted to be her,
sinuously slinking down the catwalk,
head high, stride strong,
to stop at its end,
right hip, POP
left hip, POP
swirling turn, and
show them the rear view is
as good as the front.
The lights, she thinks,
it's the power of the lights
that helps bring this power
out of me.
I love the light and it loves me.
And this crowd loves me.
Just listen to them,
"Can I give you a push,
Mrs. Marmelstein, love?"

This poem was written in response to the photo above as part of One Stop Poetry's One Shoot Sunday. At first this photo made me feel the sadness and rage of old age, and there most definitely is that in so many of the elderly. But there are some for whom their bodies are merely vessels in which their memories and imaginations still live a vibrant existence. My character here, Mrs. Marmelstein, is one of those lucky people. And her memories...oh my!


  1. oh my made her feel quite the ending...can i give you a push mrs. marmelstein...think she needs no one to push least not her phantasy...smiles

  2. Great write, Joe! Great set up here. Mrs. Marmelstein reminds me of the poetic, diva version of Thurber's Walter Mitty.

  3. Lovely. When all we have is memories, let's make sure we bring forward the good ones.

  4. Flash those eyes gal and live the disreputable life as long as you've breath

  5. I so love this ~ you have turned what could of been depressing into a bubble of wonderful life memories.Great ending.. : )

  6. Wonderfully turned, memories of glory, of everyone wanting so much more... Nice write!

  7. You made me tear up when I looked back at the picture again. Well done Joe.

  8. smiles. you def added life to the promp with your poetic play...nicely done...