Thursday, June 2, 2011

Criminal Intent

By Joseph Hesch

She admitted to being a cheat
but he soon realized she was
a recidivist thief, too.
Time and again,
with barely a blink,
nary a "May I? Thank you,"
she stole his heart.
But what else could he expect,
abetting her as he was,
always leaving it hanging out there
beating for her like that?
The question remains
why she always insisted on
giving it back to him,
only to steal it again,
each time returning it
more busted than the last.
She must be a vandal, too.


  1. Well, there's just no need for that is there? How dare she... :)

  2. Ouch... He needs burglar bars. ;)

  3. I get a real expression of a tangled cycle, almost a "he beget her and she beget him" its a real through provoking notion to sit with and read again and again. Nice write ~ Rose

  4. Delightful take on the kind of relationship I am all too familiar with!

  5. That sort of pain is no good at all.

    Another good write, Joe