Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Squinting into the Spotlight

You readers who really know me, not just as this guy who knits his thoughts and words into poems, understand that I'm stupidly uncomfortable with receiving praise and recognition. It's a self-effacing and self-destructive streak that I've had most of my life. Don't knock it too much, it allows me to freely bleed all over the page for you every once in a while.
So, when my friend Claudia Schönfeld from One Stop Poetry asked if I would accept being interviewed for one of her group's Poet Spotlights, my first, second and third questions were, "Why me?" 
Nevertheless, I agreed to answering her questions, telling her it would no doubt be the dimmest Spotlight in One Stop Poetry's history. The results of that interview are up here on the One Stop site today.
I want to thank Claudia, her colleagues at One Stop, my family and friends who know silly me (some better than I know myself), those of you who just like to read my poetry, and those in-between for helping me explore the world where resides this recognition.  
As my poet friend Natasha Head always likes to say, "I'm on a mission to evolve." Part of that evolution for me is to learn to accept the grace of others. Your comments on this blog are teaching me that. Accepting the honor of being profiled by people I admire as poets and artists will be my Master Class.
Thanks to all.


  1. you are indeed a wise and humble man...you so should have been a brit..cheers Pete

  2. Why NOT you? I dig your work, and that's good enough for me. :D

  3. You are a wonderful writer, and I agree with Pete, you should have definitely been a Brit... :)

  4. Like Louise said...lol Seems I'm tailing her these days :) Joe, you have an amazing, unique voice...to not share it, would be doing this hard old world a grave disservice! And to be perfectly honest...I think your a closet Canadian! :) Waving hey from the border stop! (and just so you know...you've played a key role in my evolution!)

  5. i say you should recklessly enjoy the spotlight...let it blind you for a moment...then write on..in all humbleness...smiles

  6. A very cool profile, interesting in its own right if I'd never read your poetry, doubly so since I could fit you to your words. I can totally relate to the anxiety and reluctance though--it's taken me awhile to get less fearful about this web thing, and I still occasionally want to go hide under a rock. Congrats on taking the plunge.