Saturday, August 6, 2011

The Glow

By Joseph Hesch

My history is one of setting my sights too high
in matters of the heart.
I am the Fool and I moon so fully
that I forget my hopes are always
destined to be dashed.

See, I have a tendency to blindly idealize
the ones that I love
(that emotion I always lie and say
is just a shadow, an illusion),
but reality shows that I invest too much of my heart
in them or in our misty mythic relationships.

Which is why I never see past their rosy glow,
to the blinking, red-light warning
of the danger they always become
I guess, someday I’ll learn,
nobody's perfect.

Except, for a time, the next one.

The Glow was written from a request for submissions by Falling Star Magazine.  The topic was "You've got to hide your love away." I was lucky enough to see it selected for publication.


  1. Congratulations on being are a star. You have captured the feeling so well, all the excruciating hope & longing. They do say love is a form of madness and it must be, otherwise why would we subject ourselves to it time & time again? I guess at least it makes for good poetry. Beautifully done, Joe.

  2. congrats on being published joe that is awesome...and love the rollercoaster of emotion this evokes...the hope of love and then the failing there of being blinded to what is coming...

  3. wow, congrats joe! that is awesome. this poem reminds me of that love is blind cliche - very cool :)