Monday, July 25, 2011

Another Day

By Joseph Hesch

The new sun flashes
above the horizon and,
with an autonomic blink,
another of my days goes by.
Sometimes they're
a little slower, though.
Maybe long enough to close
my eyes and count off
a prayer:
"Give me this day
my daily breath.
Oh, and let it lead me—
just a little—
into temptation,
and we’ll worry about
my trespasses later.
Thanks. Amen."
Then I crack my eyes open
and try to remember
what I've done with this breath,
as I see that another transit
of sun-across-sky is complete
and I understand I'm
one more such arc,
one more blessed respiration,
toward my completeness.


  1. smiles....the days go so quick for sure...many dont take that time to evaluate how their breath went...i think that is essential...otherwise you just spend them... i like your prayer too..ha

    feeling better?

  2. May He answer your prayer ~smiles~ a lovely poem. :)

  3. Yes, dear Joe, as you've no doubt figured, that's my kind of prayer! :) According to man I'm going to burn in hell fire...but MY god tells me it's all good! (Sorry...a reference to your wonderful visit to my house today!) Another brilliant little weave, and I'm not holding my breath any longer! Write on, wordweaver!

  4. this is beautiful, Joe. moments are all we have - each one passing so quickly to the next.