Monday, July 11, 2011

Love Song in the Dark

By Joseph Hesch

The blond at the white piano in this bar
is singing what she called
a different kind of love song
and she’s singing the truth.
I know it. I can really feel it through
the beer and the darkness.
This one is different from
every other love song because
she wrote it and she’s singing it—
there in that dim blue cone of light—
she's singing it just for me.
I don’t even know her name,
but she’s stared at me all the while
she’s been playing, even clamming a few notes
because I'm such a distraction and
you know I’m the target
of the arrow of her soul,
her heart, her song.
OUR song.
I’m sure I am.
Another here, buddy.
Would you just look at her,
would you listen to her.
And now she’s finished, and as I
smooth my way around this mumbly crowd to
introduce myself and pledge my troth,
I notice the white stick on the floor
next to her bench,
and I’m glad of all she's reminded me
about Love — artful Love, dream Love,
her Love, my Love, our Love —
how Love is blind, too.
Such a great thing, you know?


  1. This is SO good. I fell right into that room, that atmosphere, those feelings from the first line.

  2. Masterly mood building and increase of tension to the wide open twist at the end. Fine writing this morning, my friend. I have so been there.

  3. Love is great, but also awful sometimes lol ..a lovely write, as I've come to expect from you.

  4. Lovely share... I like that he noticed the white stick, and yet she reminded him of the many facets of love.

  5. this is a gorgeous piece...smiles...she is blind but sees so much...

    maybe we can get her to play at the pub...

  6. wow, what a grand end... you always tell such a wonderful story.

  7. Ah, Joe...a really beautiful piece on our need to love and be loved and picking the wrong moment, the wrong one, the misunderstood "blind" look...wonderful poem!

  8. I read this last night, and today I liked it even better. You brought forth the climax whilst leading one way, and going another.

    Nicely done, Joe.

  9. This is excellent!

  10. Aw, I'm going to believe she had a sense he was there. She could feel him. That's my version, lol...

  11. Great write, its amazing what we can create in our minds, you capture its essence perfectly here! ~ Rose

  12. sometimes the blind see more than those that still have eyes to see..a fantastic piece joe...i get this feeling with sax players sometimes when they seem to play just for me..smiles

  13. Joe, the wonderful payoff at the end is great. What I like is every man with a drink in his hand in some lounge around the world, is certain the female performer is singing to him.

  14. You had me at the end. Beautiful.

  15. Seems we were both entranced by the feminine this week, Joe. Gorgeous delivery of well-structured scene - draws us in, sets us to the music and lets us drift through your eyes and ears. Music can touch, the moment of performance ensnare, and blind or no, love dances in the notes...

    Marvelous, my friend. And thank you ever so much for the kind regards, as ever, on my own work this week. It is sad to see One Stop go, but its helped me meet so many wonderful people like yourself, I could never regret the time I spent there. Cheers.

  16. I got transported to that room! :) Wonderful.

    My One Shot ~ A Poetic World

  17. Hi Joseph... yes such a great thing when you connect within the soul.. even if you dont know the person.... I loved your lines...
    'you know I’m the target
    of the arrow of her soul,
    her heart, her song.
    OUR song.
    I’m sure I am. '
    ... its so beautiful to feel your connection through your words...
    Thanks for sharing...

    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya