Monday, March 21, 2011

Certain, We Believe the Uncertain

By Joseph Hesch

Feed a cold. Starve a fever.
Drown a depression. Smother a lover.
Wax a memory. Shave a lie.
Gild a lily. Strip a tease.
Seize a day. Let go your feelings.
Catch a cold.
Deja your vu.
We've seen it all before
and closed our eyes
to those truths. 
But, beneath our lids, 
we best judge always
the what's what
and who's who
with our hearts,
in darkness kept.
Certain, we believe the uncertain
smoke-limned sensation
and not the mirrored lights
of self in others’ lying eyes.


  1. I try to judge not at all...but can't say I always succeed. We are, soul to soul, the same. The ability to see yourself reflected in the eyes of another is easy, but to see them reflected in your own is difficult at best. All these "beliefs" that we have embraced willing, with no thought given, simply because it is the accepted and the expected...okay, so this piece has caused me many wonderful ponderings, but I will resist the temptation to write a book. Great write that has compelled my brain to action this morning :)