Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Lip Service

By Joseph Hesch

Did I smile last night?
It was dark and warm and I was
with you,so there’s a good chance I did. 
But I can’t be sure.
See, my lips are numb from too many years
of frowning and using them for little but
mumbling glib insincerity.
Maybe if I could press them to your lips
you could teach them to shape a smile again. 
A beautiful smile like yours.
And, while they’re there, perhaps
you could help me learn how to use them
to make you smile, too.
So tell me, did I smile?
Because, even if I did, I’m pretty sure
we can make a better one.


  1. Sometimes years of disappointment among the world can ingrain in us a touch of the uncertain, the pessimistic...but the smile and the touch of another can always aid in its dismissal. Lovely sentiments - may the pair go hand in hand to brighter days.

  2. I feel you, ever been on a fate when all you seem to say is yeah? And you think to yourself, did I actually say anything of worth that was listened to? I feel you! Hopefully that smile will be remembered after a good kiss ;) lovely write x

  3. LOL, smile-inducing work. Good one, my friend!

  4. "my lips are numb from too many years frowning..." Great line. Interesting read :)

  5. smiles. i like the idea of someone teaching you how to use your lips to make them smile...

  6. Great use of sarcasm and wit. Enjoyed!

  7. infectious...liked this....smiles my friend..pete

  8. smiles are so important.. you emphasise that nicely here. Something we take for granted but not often written about with such focus

  9. a perfectly titled bit of charm and wit here, filled with sharp wordplay. nicely said.