Thursday, March 10, 2011


By Joseph Hesch

When the wires shed their ice skins,
between midnight and dawn,
it was as if Nature knew
her pretty party was through.
She dropped the gelid husks,
now turned to jewels in the scatter
of headlights and the barroom's neon glare.
Or maybe she just tossed her
empty Corona bottles from on high.

I'm pretty sure we're getting close to the end of rough winter just about everywhere in the US. Up here in the Northeast we've had as much snow and cold as I can remember since I was a youngster (during the Ice Age, you know).  But I believe it's almost over because we're getting more sleet and freezing rain of the type that makes tree limbs and powerlines sag like teenagers' jeans. Once that ice breaks, we get buoyed by those hopes for rainy old April and the green of spring. Wait, did you just hear that crack? I choose to think it wasn't the ice on the Hudson or Mohawk breaking up. I'll make believe it's the sound of a baseball meeting a wooden bat. I remember those, too.


  1. Joe...we even had sunshine up here today! It's coming...and I've got tons of Corona empties stocked up to start tossing in celebration. Pretty soon we'll be listening to Lightfoot round the campfire! This piece sums up the hope I'm feeling as well...and my pen will be at the ready to come back to the light lol! (thanks for your kind and inspiring comment courage went up a notch because of it.)

  2. ha. tossed her empties, nice...its 28 in NYC today...shivers...i want my spring back...

  3. So I've already posted my comment...doesn't mean I can't stop by and simply enjoy a good write :)

  4. I think Spring has arrived here, even if it is a bit cool yet. Baseball, where?

  5. Spring will come to you in her due time, you know Mother Nature may just want to have a few more coronas !!!
    Your humor is infectious, LOVE IT !

  6. Nicely done. I enjoyed reading.


  7. It's been mid 70's here all week, y'all need to get your selves over to the UK ;) Really enjoyed this interweaving of nature and the photography play Joe, loved the read x

  8. Solid writing, lol finish. Love the end-line.