Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Driving the Lines

By Joseph Hesch

It's probably a good way to be killed,
driving along the highway and
letting the stereo's music fade the road,
its yellow, yellow, yellow lines,
into something else.
And then the words start to come,
prompted maybe by lyrics and carried
on a melody of tires strumming asphalt
as much as steel strings on a spruce-topped box.
Monologues, conversations,
arias and lamentations
distractingly pass between us,
the speeding world and me,
like the gashes of sky between the pine trees
that rip past the corners of my eyes.
I absent-mindedly compile lines of words,
strung like all those trucks and cars
in their own sentences
ahead and behind me,
blindly rushing somewhere.
It reminds me of how I recklessly
drive hopes that never happened
and memories that never will.
But that makes me smile,
because, yeah, this is a good way to be killed,
but one hell of better way to live.


  1. oh wow - like this joe...my one shot this week was "written" on the highway as well.. driving the lines - yes - love it

  2. Nice relation - the internal monologue amidst the travel; a good bit of slice-of-life flow-of-consciousness work here. The tone of it, the flow of it, the progression from one thought to the next, and the final, carefree sentiment...splendid crafting here tonight. Just drink it in...the open road of life.

  3. One hell of a better way to live indeed! Think this one might get away from you Sir Joe! Hang on tight to that wheel and drive for all your worth! Loved the freedom of letting go of the could of, would of, and should of's and feeling that speed. Now get out of my head! lol

  4. ha...love the bring back in that last line...and the opening line is killer....no pun intended...tight write joe...

  5. I used to be a sales rep for a worldwide company, and this reminded me of freedom, getting to see new things which is always good with my itchy gypsy feet. The repitition of yellow here, so good Joe. Now where are my car keys ;)

  6. I always find my thoughts coming to me, while I am driving, I like this poem

  7. Nice one, Joe. I love the "gashes of sky between pine trees..." and the "yellow, yellow, yellow..." :) You tie the whole thing together so well, from beginning to end-- a tight piece with killer imagery.

  8. really good...caught me in a moment about two year ago driving through lincolnshire, late at night and heading home towards essex, i was down very down listening to music when an artic nearly took me out, but i wanted it to then came to my senses...great share...pete