Friday, March 4, 2011

False Spring

“False Spring”
By Joseph Hesch

The sun is hanging higher, longer
each day, and I am again craving
the warm light of love I feared
lost over the near-death of our winter.

Encouraged by the shining face she
showed me, I ventured into the field,
its winter-woven cover frayed to vapor,
the dry warp of autumn left behind.

Looking into her hazy brilliance,
I shivered in chill despair
and watched her once again run away
from arms that coveted her light and warmth.

Lowering my eyes, I dropped my gaze
to the ground and saw it land, freezing,
on the first thread of vernal weft–
its hope, as mine, stillborn by false spring.


  1. aw man...we have had several days of false spring...hoping it is here to stay though...gorgeous out today...will soak some up for you, if you make a snow ball for me...smiles.

  2. Sad and beautiful. I can relate.

  3. love the title, well done.

    signed in to follow your blog.

    please share one piece with poets rally today, thanks.